Club Projects

Lions Park- Wye Creek

Lions Park started in November 2013 with Christmas decorations. Since then, benches, garbage cans, bird houses, flag poles, a communication sign, and a friendship arch have been added. Over $40,000 has been invested so far, with more benches and a picnic shelter coming in the near future.

It is through the continued support of this great community that these improvements could be achieved.

Thank you.

Thorndale Lions Medical Centre

The Thorndale Lions Medical Centre was built in 1988, a project undertaken by the Thorndale Lion's Club. The land was donated by member Wilfred Logan and the Lion's Club worked with the community to raise funds for the construction. The building was officially opened on April 17, 1988. ​The centre is owned and operated by the Thorndale Lions Medical Centre Trust, which we proudly support.

Thorndale Lions Community Centre

The first Thorndale Community Centre was built by the Thorndale Lions Club in 1952 at a cost of $14,000.  Members from the Lions Club and the community volunteered their labour for construction.  The Centre provided a place to gather for events, which included church suppers, plays, and dances.  The original building was lost to a fire in 2018.   In 2021, the new Thorndale Lions Community Centre was opened.

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