Cash and Dash

12 monthly draws of cash prizes!

Only 300 tickets to be sold!
Good luck!

Thorndale Lions Club CASH AND DASH is a monthly cash draw. Proceeds go to community services.  The draw is made on the first business Friday of every month   There are only 300 tickets sold.

Tickets are $135

The prize amounts are as followed: 9 months of $2200, 2 months of $1500, and one month of $4000.



Winners List

March 2021, Jean Hough

February 2021, Lynda Hardie

January 2021, Dale and Jayme Mc Donald




December 2020, Jeffrey Askew

November 2020, Anna Hnatyshen

October 2020, Alan and Nancy Hines

September 2020, Joanne Kusters

August 2020, Lori Featherston

July 2020, Steve and Cindy Pym

June 2020, Case Cassidy

May 2020, John and Amy McKenzie

April 2020, Gord and Lonnie Pardy

March 2020, Brian Bearss

February 2020, Shirley Elliott

January 2020, John Seliga